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Why come to Portraits by Hart?

We are celebrating 64 years in business

Passport Photographs, Visa Photos & ID Photographs

Professional photographs for your visa, passport or ID. We take passport photos for adults, children & babies which meet the requirements for all countries. These include UK passport & visa photos, US American passport & Visa photographs, Canadian Visa & passport photos, Indian visa photos, Chinese visa photographs & more. Lye, Stourbridge, West Midlands.

Why choose us for your passport & visa photos?

We can provide passport photographs & visa photographs for adults, children & babies which fit the specifications for all countries: British Passport Photographs, American US Visa Photographs, Canadian Visa Photographs, Indian Visa Photographs & More. Plus ID photographs for UK Bus passes, Driving licence & any other ID passes.


"It's only a passport photograph". This is a phrase we hear over & over again. If you lose your passport you will quickly realise just how important a document it is! In most cases you will hold your passport for ten years before you are required to get a new one. This means you have to live with the same passport photograph for ten years.


When we photograph someone for Passport, Visa or for Identity purposes we use the same quality lighting, the same camera and the same studio that we use for our high quality portraits. Your image is also kept on file, so if you require another photo for a different purpose, simply quote your reference number and we can produce extra passport photographs & visa photos for you.


Identity photographs are needed ever increasingly these days. If you change your driving licence you will need a driving licence photograph. If you need a bus pass you will need a bus pass photograph.

Passport photos & visa photographs have to conform to exacting guidelines. It has to be taken on a specific colour background, your head has to be a certain size and the overall picture has to fit to exact dimensions. Passport photos must not be retouched. The only areas we do have control over are lighting and expression, this is why it’s important to use studio quality lighting.


We have actually had a number of customers say to us, that the man at customs when checking their passport commented on the quality of their photograph!


The British passport department rejects many passport photographs that do not conform to the rules. Many of the rejected photos were produced  in photo booths & in situations when a real photographer wasn’t behind the camera to check your expression.


We can produce Passport, Visa & Identity Pictures to meet the requirements for almost any purpose or country. These include:

UK British Passport, UK British Driving License, American US Visa, American US Passport, Canadian Visa, Chinese Visa, China Visa, Canadian Passport, Indian Visa, Indian Passport, Australian Passport & Australian Visa, Uzbekistan Visa, Pakistan Passport, Russian Visa, EU Passport, Fire Arms Licence Photographs and many more.


To book an appointment Telephone us on:  01384 422118

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