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Panorama school group photo restored
Panorama school group photo restored

Why come to Portraits by Hart?

We are celebrating 64 years in business

Panorama Restoration & School Group Repair

Your treasured old panoramas and school groups can now be restored through our photograph restoration service. Cracks, stains and blemishes can be removed and repaired to make your panorama school groups like new again.

Why choose us for your panorama & school group restorations?

At Portraits by Hart we have been restoring and repairing old photographs for well over forty years. In fact we were carrying out photo restorations long before the digital age. In the old days we used a real airbrush for retouching and real brushes to repair pictures. We don't restore photographs that way any more though, all the photograph restorations are carried out digitally these days by means of the latest computer technology and software. However, all that experience we gained from the old days still holds true in the digital age.


One form of photograph restoration which was very difficult to perform before digital technology came along was the repair of panorama photographs. Restoring panorama school groups was an almost impossible task in the old days due to the amount of time required to achieve a reasonable result and hence the cost was prohibitive. However these days restoring panoramas has become an almost every day task for us. Anything from copying a school group panorama which is in good condition to a full restoration where the original photograph has cracks and lots of damage. Digital technology has now made this type of restoration far more straightforward, less time consuming and therefore more affordable.


As with all photograph restorations the cost of copying and restoring panoramas depends very much on the condition of the original. The more damage a photograph has the more retouching and renovation it will require. In order for us to give you a price for restoring your panorama we will need to see it as the cost can vary greatly from one to another.

All photograph restorations are carried out in house. We never pass your treasured photographs  on to a third party to run the risk of loss or damage. We understand how precious your memories are and we treat your photographs as if they were our own.


If you would like more information please get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We can also scan & archive your family photograph collections & photo albums to a digital format so they can be treasured by generations to come. Your home video collectionscine films & audio tapes can also be converted and digitized, we offer an extensive digital conversion service. 

All photographic & video to digital transfer services we provide are carried out in house by ourselves. We will never pass your treasured negatives, transparencies, video tapes & cine films on to a third party.

Many businesses & High Street chains offering these services do not carry out the work themselves, they forward it on to a third party. We carry out all of the work ourselves. When you hand your items over to us you are very often handing them to the person who will actually carry out carry out the work.

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