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If you are looking for a photographer to photograph you individually in Stourbridge & the West Midlands that can provide you with stunning photos together with a fantastic personal service? You've come to the right place! We offer one of the best photography services for individuals in the area.

Individuals Portraits of Men, Ladies & Children

We are celebrating 64 years in business

Why choose us for your individuals portraits?

A portrait of you is one of the most personal gifts you can give. There are many reasons why you may want a portrait of yourself, no matter what your reason, now is the right time. Remember, there are very few things in life that are guaranteed but one thing is sure, tomorrow you will be a day older than you are today!

Portraits of individuals are rarely for the person being photographed. They are either given as a present to a loved one or friend or they are for business or official purposes. Many of us dislike photographs of ourselves and there are many reasons why. One reason is, we are used to seeing ourselves in a mirror, when we see ourselves in a photograph we are the other way around! So we are always going to appear unusual to ourselves. However to other people we appear as always. We can always make excuses for not having our photographs taken, I want to lose weight, I don't like my nose, I look too old, I have spots etc. To us these are really big issues but for the person receiving the photograph they aren't.

All of our portraits are retouched if required, we make any adjustments you desire. You don't need to worry about those minor blemishes and spots, we can easily sort them out. On the photograph not on you! We can also change the shade of your lipstick, hair colour, eye shadow & even your eyes. We can straighten and whiten teeth too. The tools we have available to us today mean we are only restricted by our imagination.


Maybe your profession requires you wear a uniform. Why not wear it for some of your portraits? We often see members of the military, police officers & nurses. If you have an interesting hobby, bring it along to your portrait session, this helps to make your portrait more personal & individual. Maybe you play the guitar or another musical instrument, bring it along. Anything personal helps in the creation of a more individual portrait.

Room set showing individual portrait of a lady © Portraits by Hart

At a portrait session we allow up to forty minutes of studio time. During the session we take a variety of photographs for you to choose from, these include any requests you may have. We have a changing room, so you are welcome to bring changes of clothes. You can add variety to your portraits by changing your outfits. If you are looking for a more casual contemporary style you may wish to bring casual outfits, if you want a more traditional style of photograph you could bring something formal.

Once the photographs have been taken you would make an appointment to return to the studio to view your portraits. You will see them on a large screen. At the viewing you can decide on your favourite photographs and pick the finishes and sizes you would like. The finished portraits range from small photographs in hand cut mounts right up to large wall portraits.

The session fee is £39 (payable at the time of booking)

Portraits in mounts start from £43.50

Framed wall portraits start from £198


There’s a wide variety of wall and desk sizes to choose from. We also make our own picture frames on the premises and have a large selection of picture mouldings in stock to choose from.


If you would like more information concerning sizes & prices, please give our reception a call. We will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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