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Children’s Portraits, Newborn Baby & Child Photography

If you're looking for a children’s photographer in Stourbridge & the West Midlands that can provide you with a stunning photographs of your family, newborn baby or toddler you've come to the right place! We offer one of the best child photography services in the area.

We are celebrating 64 years in business

Why choose us for your children’s portraits?

Relaxed children’s portraits, child photography & creative baby photography. We know a thing or two about photographing children at Portraits by Hart we’ve been creating award winning children’s portraits & baby portraits for well over fifty years.


For the best results when photographing children we have found through experience that it’s not a good idea to rehearse them before bringing them for their portrait session. Rehearsing children can turn the experience into an ordeal rather than a pleasurable experience. The portrait session usually goes far easier for your children if you just bring them along without preparing them too much beforehand. Phrases we often hear like “Show me how you will smile for the man”, “You are going to see a nice man” & promising children presents for being good don’t help in getting nice children’s portraits. The last time they were rewarded with a present it was probably for something that wasn’t very nice! Children are quick learners & they aren’t fools, they will quickly relate the two experiences. At the end of the day it’s far better to let children be themselves and we are likely to achieve great & natural portraits of them.

Room set showing children's portraits © Portraits by Hart

At a portrait session for children we allow up to forty minutes. During this time we take a variety of photographs of your child, children or baby for you to choose from. Following your session you would make an appointment to return to the studio a few days later to choose your children’s portraits from a selection presented to you on a large screen. What you decide to order is entirely up to you. There is no minimum or maximum to the number of pictures you can purchase, there is no pressure either.


The session fee is £39 (payable at the time of booking)

Portraits in mounts start from £43.50

Framed wall portraits start from £198


There’s a wide variety of wall and desk sizes to choose from. We also make our own picture frames on the premises and have a large selection of picture mouldings in stock to choose from.


If you would like more information concerning sizes & prices, please give our reception a call. We will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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