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Why come to Portraits by Hart?

We are celebrating 64 years in business

Photographs & still images captured from single frames of Cine Film

We can now capture still images from individual frames of 8mm, 16mm & 9.5mm cine film. 

Individual frames of cine film copied & turned into photographs & still images.

We are often asked if we can make prints and photographs from individual frames of cine film. On occasions the only images available of a loved one, relative or friend are those locked into a movie. 8mm film frames are extremely small when compared to traditional camera negatives or slides. Extracting a good image from one of these frames can be challenging, however it is possible to achieve good results from frames which are sharp. It usually isn’t possible to produce large prints from these tiny film frames but it is possible to produce small prints of quite reasonable quality.


We can photograph individual frames from standard 8, super 8, single 8, 9.5mm & 16mm cine film. Once the frame has been photographed and copied it can then be further restored. As with our photograph restoration service, once we have captured a single frame of cine film to the highest resolution possible, we can then perform wonders to restore it and further enhance it.

It is often a good idea to have your reels of cine film digitized before selecting individual frames for further enhancement. This makes the process of selecting frames much easier. Once you have a digital version of your film, you can run through the movie at your leisure, pick the individual frames and making notes of the exact time the frame or frames occur on the time line.


If you would like more information on capturing frames from your cine film please get in touch. It is always best to telephone the studio before bringing your film into us. The person you will need to see is often involved in appointments and may not be available when you arrive. We wouldn't want you to have a wasted journey so we would advise calling first or arranging an appointment.

We can also scan & archive your family photograph collections & photo albums to a digital format so they can be treasured by generations to come & we offer a full photograph restoration service. Your home video collectionscine films & audio tapes can also be converted and digitized, we offer an extensive digital conversion service. 

We now offer a pickup & delivery service for local customers. Please contact us for details.

A frame of 9.5mm cine film before restoration

A frame of 9.5mm cine film after restoration

All photographic & video to digital transfer services we provide are carried out in house by ourselves. We will never pass your treasured negatives, transparencies, video tapes & cine films on to a third party.

Many businesses & High Street chains offering these services do not carry out the work themselves, they forward it on to a third party. We carry out all of the work ourselves. When you hand your items over to us you are very often handing them to the person who will actually carry out carry out the work.

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