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Graduation Photography & Cap & Gown Portraits

If you're looking for a graduation photographer in Stourbridge, Birmingham & the West Midlands who can provide you with stunning photographs that are different to the graduation photography found at your university you've come to the right place! We offer one of the best family portrait & graduation photography services in the area.

We are celebrating 64 years in business

Why choose us for your graduation portraits?

Maybe you missed having your graduation photograph taken at your University or you just want a better cap and gown portrait than those available at the time. Whatever your reason, we can help.


The time allocated for your graduation portrait to be taken at the university can be limited. There is only so much time the photographer can allocate for you with so many graduates to photograph. There is very little time for you to get your hair just right and to check your gown is hanging correctly. Lack of time together with the rush of the day are never going to be conducive to achieving the best cap & gown portrait.


At Portraits by Hart we have been creating graduation portraits for decades, we know a thing or two about creating great cap & gown photographs. We allow plenty of time for you to make adjustments to your gown, tidy your hair & get your appearance just right. The atmosphere in the studio is calm & uninterrupted & the lighting is fully under our control. All important elements which contribute to the creation of the perfect graduation portrait.


All of the studio graduation portraits we create are fully retouched if required. If you are in any way concerned about your skin complexion you can rest assured any blemishes, pimples & spots will be removed. Many studios do not do this or will charge extra for the service.


We are often asked if we stock cap & gowns to use for the graduation portraits. Unfortunately this isn’t possible; each university has different colours for it’s gowns and with the many different sizes we would need to stock for each, it just isn’t feasible for us. You would normally hire your gown from the regular supplier to your particular university. You would need to arrange this prior to coming for your portrait session.

Room set showing graduation portraits © Portraits by Hart

At the graduation session we allow up to forty minutes. During this time we take a variety of pictures for you to choose from & any special requests you may have. We will photograph you individually of course but if you wish you can also take the opportunity to have pictures taken with your family too. This is a time of great celebration & achievement & we often find that parents & siblings like to get involved in the graduation portrait session too.


Following your graduation portrait session you would make an appointment to return to the studio a few days later. This is when you choose your portraits from a selection displayed on a large screen. What you decide to order is entirely up to you. There is no minimum or maximum to how many pictures you can purchase & there is no pressure either.


The session fee is £39 (payable at the time of booking)

Portraits in mounts start from £43.50

Framed wall portraits start from £198


There’s a wide variety of wall and desk sizes to choose from. We also make our own picture frames on the premises and have a large selection of picture mouldings in stock to choose from.


If you would like more information concerning sizes & prices, please give our reception a call. We will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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