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Why come to Portraits by Hart?

We are celebrating 64 years in business

Expert Photograph Editing, Retouching & Enhancement

Do you have concerns about your complexion & think you wouldn’t look your best close up in a portrait? You don’t have to be, we are experts in skin retouching and can give you the very same treatment that the stars receive.

Why choose us for your photograph editing & retouching?

Almost no one has a perfect complexion. Even models and movie stars at the top of their profession need a little help to achieve the perfect picture. In most cases it’s just the occasional blemish or spot that needs removing but in others it may be a complete skin makeover that is required.

Many people think that photograph retouching and enhancement is a new thing, only bought about during the digital age. In reality, images have been altered, modified, retouched and improved since right back at the beginning of photography, in fact for over one hundred years.


Here at Portraits by Hart, we’ve been retouching our studio portraits since the mid nineteen sixties, in those days it was with the aid of a real airbrush, fine brushes and special dyes. It was sometimes quite a risky business back then too, as some of the retouching was carried out on the original negative. Of course, if something had gone wrong at that stage all was lost, so a retoucher was very highly skilled.


These days we use the very latest technology, computer software and graphics tablets. The process of retouching may be different but some of the techniques involved are similar to the old ways. We can achieve a lot more now than in the past, however, the best way to retouch skin is still by a slow method of painstaking retouching, very much akin to the old ways. The example shown here would have taken in excess of four hours to complete.


Every portrait we produce has some degree of retouching carried out on it. On the smaller desk portraits it is usually confined to minor blemish removal, however, every wall portrait we produce goes through the much longer process.


So, if you are worried about your complexion, just tell us what your concerns are and we can give you the star treatment too.

We also have over fifty years of experience in photograph restoration & we can also scan & archive your family photograph collections & photo albums to a digital format so they can be treasured by generations to come. Your home video collectionscine films & audio tapes can also be converted and digitized, we offer an extensive digital conversion service.  

All photographic & video to digital transfer services we provide are carried out in house by ourselves. We will never pass your treasured negatives, transparencies, video tapes & cine films on to a third party.

Many businesses & High Street chains offering these services do not carry out the work themselves, they forward it on to a third party. We carry out all of the work ourselves. When you hand your items over to us you are very often handing them to the person who will actually carry out carry out the work.

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