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Criminal Injury Photography

Why come to Portraits by Hart?

We are celebrating 64 years in business

Criminal Injury, Personal Accident and Insurance Claim Photography

If you require photographs of a personal injury you have sustained for an insurance claim or for criminal injury proceedings, we can help. We have been providing photographs to solicitors & lawyers for decades & can provide the exact specifications of injury photographs required.

Why choose us for your injury photographs?

For many years solicitors, layers and unions have been sending clients and members to us for their injuries to be photographed. Injuries that were acquired either maliciously or by accident. Either way the client is claiming damages against an organisation or individual. The quality of these photographs is very important. The resultant claim can depend very much on the detail that these photographs show. The lasting scars which are visible as a result of an injury need to be shown in as much detail as possible. This requires an expert knowledge of lighting and camera technique. In some cases the scar is so small and faded, it is difficult to see with the naked eye. Close up lenses and specialised lighting are required to achieve the best results.


We wish we did not have to offer this service and hope that you will never require it. However in the real world it will always be needed by someone. At least we can help towards getting what you deserve.

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