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Example Digital Oil Painting

Your treasured family photographs & snapshots turned into individual works of art 

We are celebrating 64 years in business

Digital Oil Paintings

Digital oil paintings created from your favorite family photographs and images. If you are looking for a special wall picture of a loved one or pet to be made from your own family snapshots, this may be perfect for you. We can digitally paint your picture from almost any photograph or combination of photos, black and white or colour.

A digital oil painting example © Portraits by Hart

At Portraits by Hart we have been photographing and creating wall portraits for over 60 years. We have gained many awards for our portrait photography during this time. During the last few years alone we have been awarded over 50 SWPP Gold Awards and the title of SWPP UK Digital Art Photographer of the Year. So as you can see we are well qualified to create your Digital Oil Paintings.


Digital oil paintings are original works of art created from your own treasured photographs and images.


If you are looking for a wall picture to be made from one of your favourite family photos, having them transformed into digital oil paintings is a fantastic way of turning them into something really special .


Creating digital oil paintings is no less skillful than painting in real oils and paints. One of the The main advantages of painting digitally is that the final painting can be saved, this means extra artworks can be created in the future for friends and relations if required. The painting can also be made from a combination of photographs and images. The final artwork can also be viewed before the finished framed canvas is produced. This allows time for any final corrections to be made if need be.

A digital oil painting of a dog © Portraits by Hart

When we create a digital oil painting we start off by scanning your original photograph to a high resolution. The scanned photograph is then retouched to improve the image. In some cases the photo is totally restored. Cracks and blemishes are removed and missing parts are replaced. If the final artwork is to be made from a combination of photos the montage is then put together. Once this initial work is completed we then get started on the actual painting. The digital oil painting itself is then created by our award winning digital artist in state of the art imaging and painting software. The artwork is painted stroke by stroke by the means of a graphics tablet. Creating the painting takes many hours of patient work. How many hours depends on the complexity of the final painting.

A digital oil painting of a car © Portraits by Hart

Once the artwork is completed and approved we then turn the digital image into an actual canvas work of art. The painting is printed by means of an Epson wide format printer and onto the very best quality Fuji Artist Cotton Canvas using K3 Pigment Inks. This means the final artwork will keep it's vibrant colours for many decades if hung correctly and away from direct sunlight.


Then starts the next stage of the process. The painting is either stretched over wooden stretcher bars or mounted onto a sturdy board. Then a layer of special varnish is applied by hand. The varnish is applied stroke by stroke following the lines of the painting. This special varnish adds vibrancy and richness to the colours and when dry it holds it's texture to give the appearance of a traditional oil painting  Then all all it needs is the finishing touch of a nice picture frame.

A didgital oil painting of a lady © Portraits by Hart

If you would like more information please do not hesitate in getting in touch. We will be more than happy to answer questions you may have and offer advise.

This service is ideally offered for customers who can come to the studio. We advise making an appointment before setting out as the person you will need to see is often involved in studio portrait sessions. 

We can also scan & archive your family photograph collections & photo albums to a digital format so they can be treasured by generations to come & we offer a full photograph restoration service. Your home video collectionscine films & audio tapes can also be converted and digitized, we offer an extensive digital conversion service. 

All photographic & video to digital transfer services we provide are carried out in house by ourselves. We will never pass your treasured negatives, transparencies, video tapes & cine films on to a third party.

Many businesses & High Street chains offering these services do not carry out the work themselves, they forward it on to a third party. We carry out all of the work ourselves. When you hand your items over to us you are very often handing them to the person who will actually carry out carry out the work.

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