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UK - British - Passport & Visa Photograph Specifications & Sizes

At Portraits by Hart we take professional quality UK British passport & visa photographs for adults & children which meet the required specifications. We also take photographs for British UK bus passes & driving licences.  

UK British Passport & Visa Requirements

  • Printed to a professional standard

  • Measure 45 mm high by 35mm wide

  • From the crown of your head to your chin - must measure between 29mm and 34mm high.

  • In colour on plain white photographic paper with no border

  • Without any creases or tears

  • Unaltered by computer retouching

  • Printed to a professional standard

  • Clear and in focus

  • Facing forwards and looking straight at the camera

  • Have a plain expression and your mouth closed

  • Have your eyes open and visible

  • Not have hair in front of your eyes

  • Not have a head covering (unless worn for religious or medical reasons)

  • Not have anything covering your face

  • Not have any shadows on your face or behind you

  • Not wear sunglasses or tinted glasses.

  • If you wear glasses that you cannot take off, your eyes must be visible without reflections

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